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Atlantic Components, Inc. / AtCom

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Cooltron specializes in providing cooling products and services to a wide range of industries. They do what they do best and are very confident and proud that Cooltron is no doubt one of the best companies worldwide in terms of providing their customers top quality products with superb service and extremely competitive price.


  • Cooling Products
    • AC Cooling Products
      • Axial Fans (80x25mm - 254x89mm)
      • Blowers (125x126x40mm x 220x56mm)
    • Fan & Blower Accessories
      • Aluminum Filter
      • Fan Power Cords
      • Plastic Fan Filters
      • Plastic Fan Guards
      • Ventilator Filter
      • Wire Form Fan Guards
    • DC Cooling Products
      • Axial Fans (15x6mm - 172x151x55mm)
      • Blowers (53x50x10 - 180x171x81mm)
    • EC Cooling Products
      • Axial Fans (80x38mm - 172x150x51mm)
    • Forced Convection Cooling Products
      • Fan / Heat Sink Combinations
    • Liquid Cooling Products
      • Liquid Cold Plates 
    • Natural Convection Cooling Products
      • Heat Sinks
        • Bonded Fin
        • Cold Forged
        • Compact Fin
        • Die-Casting
        • Extrusion
        • Skived
        • Stampin

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