Atlantic Components, Inc / AtCom
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Lawrence, MA  01843
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F: 800-282-0670
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Electronic Components, Capacitors, Resistors, Axial Fans, Power Supplys, Power Semiconductors, New Englands

Atlantic Components, Inc. / AtCom

Building Partnerships One Component at a Time

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A very simple business philosophy has been responsible for the steady growth of RCD. It's called 'commitment'. Since RCD's inception more than 40 years ago, RCD's corporate energies have been channeled into the research, design, development and production of components with uncompromising levels of quality.  RCD is committed to offering a broad line of standards and custom products at competitive prices, with the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to serve your particular requirements.


  • Resistor Products
    • Film
      • Carbon Film: 0.125-3W
      • Cermet Glaze: 0.5-1W
      • Flameproof Oxide: 0.5-9W
      • Hermetic Seal: 0.2-1W
      • High Frequency (Microwave Application): 0.25-1W
      • Metal Film: 0.125-2W
      • SMT (MELF): 0.1-0.25W
      • Thin Film: 0.05-2W
    • Film/WW
      • Ceramic Encased, Horizontal Mount, Axial Lead: 1-25W
      • Ceramic Encased, Horizontal Mount, Metal Mounting Bracket: 5-50W
      • Ceramic Encased, Horizontal Mount, Quick Connect / Solder Terminals: 5-50W
      • Ceramic Encased, Horizontal Mount, Standoff Lead: 5-50W
      • Ceramic Encased, Vertical Mount, Bracket: 5-25W
      • Ceramic Encased, Vertical Mount, Radial: 2-12W
    • Foil
      • Metal Foil: 0.3-0.6W
    • Fusible
      • Custom Fused Resistors: 0.5-5.5W
      • Failsafe: 2W
      • Flameproof Oxide: 0.125-3W
      • SMT Chip (0402-2512): 0.1-1W
      • Thick Film (Axial or SMT MELF): 0.125-3W
    • High Value
      • Solid Ceramic Constructions: 0.25-400W
      • Thick Film: 0.125-20W
      • Thick Film Chip: 0.25-4W
    • High Voltage
      • High Ohmic Value (to 14KV): 1-2W
      • High Voltage Axial (to14KV): 0.125-20W
      • High Voltage Clip Mount:(to 300KV)
      • High Voltage Surface Mount (to 5KV): 0.25-4W
    • Low Value
      • Open Air Shunt (From 0.001 ohm): 1-5W
      • SMT Chip (From 0.01 ohm): 0.25-1W
      • WW Axial (From 0.005 ohm): 2-20W
      • WW, Ceramic Encased, 4 Terminal (From 0.0005 ohm): 1-3W
      • WW/FLM Ceramic Encased, Axial Leaded (From 0.005 ohm): 3-5W
      • WW/FLM Ceramic Encased, Vertical Mount (From 0.001 ohm): 2-10W
    • Networks
      • Resistor Networks
    • Power Film
      • Mini Axial
      • Planar (Ceramic or Steel Substrate)
      • Heat Sink Mounting
      • TO-126 (to 25W)
      • TO-220
      • TO-247
      • Metal Oxide: 0.5-9W
    • SMT
      • Film (Chips 0201-1020 & MELF): 50m - 4W
      • Wirewound (MELF, Gull Wing, Lead Form & Plastic Case): 0.5-5W
    • Surge
      • Axial Leaded: 0.25-1W
      • Carbon Film Carbon Comp Alt): 0.125-3W
      • Solid Construction, High Surge Rated (Axial): 0.5-5W
      • Solid Construction, High Surge Rated (Rod): 10-400W
      • Solid Construction, High Surge Rated (SMT): 0.25-1W
      • Wirewound Surge Rated Axial Leaded (Carbon Comp Alt): 0.125-15W
      • Wirewound Surge Rated SMT (Carbon Comp Alt): 0.125-4W
    • Wirewound
      • Aluminum Housed: 5-1000W
      • Axial Leaded: 0.5-50W
      • Conformal Coated: 1-3W
      • Epoxy Encapsulated: 0.05-2W
      • Flat: 4-450W
      • Liquid Cooled: 500-1000W
      • Tubular: 75-2000W
    • Zero Ohm Jumper
      • Axial Leaded (2A-25A)
      • Bare Metal (Axial or Custom Form Radial, 10A-25A)
      • SMT Chip (0201-2040, 1A-4A)
      • SMT MELF (Carbon Film, 2A-5A)